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Your Leads = Extra Cash for YOU! 

We Buy All Types Of Real Estate. 

All Types of Real Estate Services Available 

Bird Dogs: What&Why

Earn Extra Cash

Get paid finder’s fees when real estate is bought and sold ! 

We are looking for high quality leads and want be able to close deals quickly. You can provide those high quality leads and collect finder’s fees as a "bird dog". 

  • No real estate license is required! 

What is a Real Estate “Bird Dog” ?

A “bird dog” locates a property for us and gets paid a finders fee when we close on the sale of the property.  A repeat bird dog can earn finders fees that could sustain a good part-time income or cash on the side.

Become a real estate bird dog today! There is no better time to get started in real estate than right now! 

How To Bird Dog

Find seller leads! 

  • Ask everyone you know, friends, family, coworkers, basically everyone you interact with. Just ask "Do you know anyone that has a house they need to sell??"  It is that easy. 
  • Get the address, name & phone number of seller to us and we take it from there. 

The more people you talk to, the more chances you have to get paid

Look further down the page for the type of houses we are looking for. 

How do Bird Dogs Get Paid?

Finders Fees are paid at closing with the closing attorney

After receiving a lead, we contact the seller and work on purchasing the house.  ( We don't have control over the homeowner’s ability to sell, therefore, finders fee or referral bonus is only available if we are able to purchase or close on the referred property.)  At the date of closing, Bird Dogs are paid through the closing attorney on the closing statement. 

This usually takes 5 days to 3 weeks from the date of contract. 

  •  Fees paid vary & are based on the size of the deal and, in some circumstances, the time spent on the lead. 

We can close as many house leads as you can bring us.    

Real Estate bird dogs play an important part in the real estate investment plan.  We want our bird dogs to bring the best leads and reach their personal financial goals, so we keep them well informed about the process. We treat our bird dogs very seriously and, of course, work towards repeat business as a part of our team.  

Ideal Bird Dog Leads!

Vacant Houses, Lots, Multi Family, Commercial

Run Down Houses in Need of repair, High Grass

Friends Selling, Inheritance, Foreclosures

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